Conversation Series

The Language in The Gambia Conversation Series is the sister event of the Language in The Gambia Virtual Reading Group.

The Gambia is well known for its linguistic diversity. English, the official language, co-exists with around a dozen other languages. Seven of these are indigenous to, or widely spoken in, The Gambia, and are often called ‘national languages’: Fula, Jola, Mandinka, Manjaku, Serahule, Serer or Wolof. The Language in the Gambia Conversation Series brings together a wide range of speakers with expertise in using language in The Gambia: linguists, but also policy makers, educators, translators, members of the general public, etc. Each speaker will share their personal experience of using language in The Gambia. Talks will notably explore how The Gambia’s languages were once used to teach all subjects in primary school, the development of the orthography of Gambian languages, how Gambian languages can be used to facilitate inclusive education and much more.

In keeping with the ethos of Multilingual Education in The Gambia, this conversation series is open to everyone: students, members of the general public, scholars and others interested in finding out more about how languages are used to communicate in The Gambia. In other words, ANYONE with an interest in how language is (or has been) used in The Gambia is welcome to attend and attendance is FREE.


The Language in The Gambia Conversation Series is curated by Multilingual Education in The Gambia in collaboration with the Organisation for Training and Production of Literacy Materials (OTPLM). Lamin O. Ceesay, student in Development Studies at the University of The Gambia, is also actively involved in all aspects of the series.

Format of each talk

For each speaker, we will:

  1. release a video of the speaker’s talk
  2. organise an online meeting where the speaker will address questions from the live audience some time after the release of the video (or posted online by viewers before the talk)

If you would like to present as part of our Language in The Gambia Conversation Series, please send us an email through the Contact us form on the Multilingual Education in The Gambia website. Please note that if necessary, we can assist you with the recording of your talk and Internet access on the day of your live session.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Please circulate.  

Warm regards,

Dr Clyde Ancarno – Multilingual Education in The Gambia/King’s College London, Kitabu Jabang – OTPLM/The Gambia, Lamin O. Ceesay – University of The Gambia.