In October 2022, we introduced the Language in The Gambia Forum. it is directly linked to the Language in The Gambia Reading Group. It intends to foreground valuable expertise in languages in The Gambia that lies outside of the published academic work the Reading Group focusses on.

The Language in the Gambia Forum brings together speakers with expertise in using language in The Gambia, e.g. policy makers, educators, translators, members of the general public. Each speaker shares their personal experience of using language in The Gambia.

Examples of topics we might explore in the forums: the development of the orthography of Gambian languages, how Gambian languages can be used to facilitate inclusive education and much more.


  1. we release a video of the speaker’s talk in advance of the online meeting (if you would like to be added to our mailing list or WhatsApp group to be notified please use the Contact us form on the Multilingual Education in The Gambia platform).
  2. we organise an online discussion where the speaker will address questions from the live audience

WANT TO BECOME INVOLVED? If you would like to present as part of our Language in The Gambia Forum, send us an email through our Contact us form. Please note that if necessary, we can assist you with the recording of your talk and Internet access (in The Gambia) on the day of your live session.

Once a month we host a discussion forum on topics raised in our Reading and Writing groups. These discussions are recorded and archived below. If you’re interested in the groups, check them out here:

  • Forum #10

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