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JOURNAL Language in Africa

CENTRE Centre de Linguistique Appliquee de Dakar

WEBSITE SIL Africa Learning and Development

BLOG A manifesto for decolonising multilingualism – Alison Phipps

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BLOG –Learners’ language practices in multilingual classrooms of Nakonde District – Mwandia

WEBINAR How linguistics supports African language literacy – Sian Rees

WEBINAR Decentring ELT first webinar: what is decentring about? – Africa TESOL (webinars 2, 3 and 4 are also available)

VIDEO Emergence of Gambian literature – Pierre Gomez

VIDEO – Social linguistics. Making social sense of the discipline of linguistics in multilingual Africa – Emmanuel Ngué Um

VIDEO Black lives will not matter until our languages also matter: the politics of linguistics and education in post-colonies – Michel DeGraff

VIDEO Translanguaging – what is it and how do you plan for it? – Eowyn Crisfield

NEWS Why Kenya’s M-Lugha is translating the school syllabus into indigenous languages 2020

NEWS – We have normalised negativity towards African languages – Ngugi wa Thiong’o 2019

NEWS – Speaking mother tongue won’t bring down the Tower of Babel 2018

NEWS – Promoting local language content in Africa’s movie industry 2020

NEWS – Why Uganda’s English language policy is failing rural children 2019

NEWS – South Africans prefer their children to be taught in English 2019

NEWS – Africa’s linguistic revolution 2019

NEWS – Cameroon’s language barriers 2020

NEWS – Defence minister visits West Africa and extends language training to Senegalese Armed Force 2019

MAGAZINE Linguistics magazine for children: Lingo 1 & Lingo 2

Doing research in Africa

PODCASTS – Doing linguistic fieldwork, e.g. Ep 15: Rethinking the ‘field’ in Fieldwork – Hannah Gibson

Gambian languages

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