Gambian languages

This section includes resources relevant to the following:

  • learning how to read and write Gambian languages (for people who speak these languages already)
  • learning Gambian languages as foreign/additional languages (for people who do not know these languages)
  • accessing print and digital materials in Gambian languages

Some of the resources might capture slightly different varieties from those currently spoken in The Gambia but still be of use (e.g. Senegalese urban Wolof). The languages have been grouped following the above classification of Gambian languages (taken from Juffermans 2015).

The Gambia studies series (covers several languages) – Professor David Gamble

Fula Wolof Serer

Fula – English dictionary – David Gamble

Reading list on Fula (limited access)

Wolof courses (Live Lingua)

Wolof course (Peace Corps)

Elementary Gambian Wolof grammar – David Gamble

Mandinka Serahule

Soninke/Serahule course

Resources to learn the four major varieties of Manding

Mandinka grammar manual (Peace Corps)

Mandinka course (Peace Corps)

English-Mandinka dictionary / Mandinka-English dictionary (Peace Corps)

Study of the Western Mandinka language – Hamlyn 1935

Elementary Mandinka – David Gamble

Intermediate Mandinka – David Gamble

VIDEO – Funyagangal – Gambian comedy (Mandinka)

VIDEO – Kitabu & O Boy – Gambian comedy (Mandinka)

VIDEO – Baa Jawo / Wicked Mother– Gambian comedy (Mandinka)

Jola Manjaku

Jola course (Peace Corps)

Gambian languages

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