The Multilingual Education in The Gambia hub /MEG HUB started in 2018. It is a platform for anybody interested in language, multilingualism and education in The Gambia. The MEG HUB comprises information regarding Research, but also a Writing group, Reading group and Forum on language in The Gambia (do join us!). There is a also section with many relevant Resources, and another introducing our Training & Collaborations concerned with language and/or multilingualism in The Gambia. Use the Contact Form below if you need to get in touch with us. We love to hear what people think about our work.  

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The MEG Team 

Who is the MEG Team?

Clyde Ancarno, PhD – University lecturer, researcher and teacher trainer 

Clyde Ancarno is a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and Education at King’s College London. She founded the MEG HUB and has been researching how multilingual in education settings in The Gambia since 2016. Clyde Ancarno also has experience as a language teacher (English and French from primary to university level) and a teacher trainer (she is currently the Deputy programme director of a Master’s Degree programme in Applied Linguistics and ELT for English language teachers). 

Lamin O Ceesay – Project administrator and Research Assistant 

Lamin O Ceesay is responsible for managing the research, groups, forums, and training activities at the heart of the MEG HUB. His perspective on language in education in The Gambia is influenced by his background as a primary school teacher and the insights gained during his BA in Development Studies at the University of The Gambia.

Sara Trett – Web Editor 

Sara Trett is an interdisciplinary writer and researcher, and a budding applied linguist. She has experience across a range of published media as a writer, editor and producer. Her areas of interest are in education, the environment, social equality and social justice. Sara Trett is responsible for design or content updates the MEG HUB

Anda Drasovean, PhD – Digital Technologist 

Anda Drasovean has experience working with digital tools in a range of contexts. In recent years, she has specialised in the area of digital learning and teaching. Anda Drasovean supports the MEG HUB with the training material we develop to support the integration of Gambian languages in education in The Gambia. She notably set up the Online Toolkit – Multilingual Resources for Primary School Teachers in The Gambia. 

The MEG HUB would not exist with the help and support of individuals and organisations worldwide. We would like to thank the following in particular: 

  • Curriculum Research Evaluation Development Directorate / CREDD of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education 
  • The English Unit of The University of The Gambia 
  • Gambia College (teacher training institution) 
  • Professors Ben Rampton (King’s College London) and Friederike Lüpke (University of Helsinki)

And many more…