Welcome to the Multilingual Education in The Gambia (MEG) platform. In 2018, I launched Multilingual Education in The Gambia for people who, like me, are interested in multilingualism and education in post colonial contexts, particularly that of The Gambia. There are three main tabs. The Research tab focusses on academic research projects I have set up to provide insights into how English and other languages spoken in The Gambia are used in a variety of education contexts. The Events tab lists relevant events Multilingual Education in The Gambia and others organise. The Resources tab contains a lot of information relevant to the topic of multilingualism and education in The Gambia, including, for example, resources to learn Gambian languages, videos of scholars talking about language in education policy in Africa and books on language and literacy in West Africa. The website should therefore appeal to people from a wide range of backgrounds, including but far from being limited to academia.

Happy browsing!

Clyde Ancarno, PhD (link to academic profile)