Outputs & Activities

All outputs produced as part of Multilingual Education in The Gambia project and activities we organise/support are listed below. These include, but are not limited to, events organised in collaboration with partners in The Gambia, book chapters and academic journal articles.

Virtual Reading Group ‘Language in The Gambia’

MEETING #2 on Tuesday 22 June 2021 @ 5.30pm (ZOOM or WHATSAPP)

Open to anyone interested who is interested in languages of The Gambia 

The Language in The Gambia Virtual Reading Group will have its second meeting on Tuesday 22 June at 5.30pm. We will discuss: Juffermans, K. and McGlynn, C., 2009. A sociolinguistic profile of The Gambia. Sociolinguistic Studies 3(3), pp.329-355. Click here to view the article“Following a portrayal of the indigenous and exogenous languages of The Gambia, with attention to hybrid, overlapping and shifting ethnolinguistic identities, the role of language in several social institutions in a changing society is identified and discussed. The paper culminates in a discussion of linguistic and cultural diversity and appeals for more research in this sociolinguistically unexposed country”. Find out more HERE

Virtual Reading Group ‘Language in The Gambia’

LAUNCH on Tuesday 6 April 2021 @ 5.30pm (ZOOM or WHATSAPP)

Open to anyone interested who is interested in languages of The Gambia 

The Language in The Gambia Virtual Reading Group is a community of students, scholars and members of the general public interested in finding out more about how languages are used to communicate in The Gambia and the working of these languages. We meet regularly for an hour to discuss advanced research articles related to these topics. Find out more HERE

Online seminar series ‘Multilingualism and Languages of The Gambia’

July/August 2021 (4 x dates). This seminar series will bring together scholars who have researched multilingualism in The Gambia. Possible topics include: linguistic insights into specific Gambian languages, teachers’ use of Gambian languages as languages of learning and teaching to facilitate inclusive education… [full call for papers available]. Book HERE.

Reflective workshop with professional educators in The Gambia

‘Working with multilingual children in The Gambia’. Cancelled due to Covid panemic.

Conference talk (Twitter)

Ancarno, C. December 2020. National language literacy lessons in The Gambia. Twitter thread @clydeancarno

Seminar series

Ancarno, C., and Jeng, M. August 2020. ‘Multilingual Education in The Gambia Research project’. Language and sustainable development webinar series (summary of the talk)

Book chapter

Ancarno, C., Bouy, B. and Jeng, M. IN PRESS. ‘Challenges in The Gambia for primary school lessons aiming to enhance literacy in the national languages’. In Multilingual learning in sub-Saharan Africa: critical insights and practical applications edited by Erling, E. Clegg, J. and Reilly, C. Routledge.

Conference talk

Ancarno, C. ‘Is The Gambia decolonising its language education policy?’ Language and Decolonisation in 21st Century Africa – BAAL Language in Africa SIG Annual Conference, 10 May 2019, University of Portsmouth. (abstract)

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