Multilingual education

National language literacy lessons in The Gambia

BLOG Gambia Reads! – Global Partnership for Education

BLOG The power of mother tongue and multilingual education – GPE

VIDEO Literacy lessons in Mandinka bantaba/gathering): Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

VIDEO Literacy lessons in Wolof bantaba/gathering: Part 1; Part 2

Multilingual education in Africa

ARTICLE A sociolinguistic profile of The Gambia – Juffermans and McGlynn

PROJECT Language-independent literacies for inclusive education in multilingual areas

PROJECT Project for the study of alternative education in South Africa

PROJECT Translation and translanguaging

SHORT FILM – Overcoming barriers to university education in South Africa

PODCAST English medium instruction – British Council

BLOG Bilingual education starts with the mother tongue – GPE


WEBSITE Training for early literacy learning – trainers’ handbooks included

FILM Kanraxel: The confluence of Agnack – to teach about multilingualism, free to register

Gambian languages

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