Reading Group

Open to anyone interested in language and The Gambia 

The Language in The Gambia Virtual Reading Group is a community of students, scholars and members of the general public interested in finding out more about how languages are used to communicate in The Gambia (e.g. the characteristics of diglossia, translanguaging practices and language contact in the country) and the working of these languages (e.g. their grammatical features, sentence prosody, and orthography development). We meet regularly for an hour to discuss advanced research articles related to these topics.  


The Language in The Gambia Virtual Reading Group is an initiative led by Dr Clyde Ancarno of the Multilingual Education in The Gambia project (King’s College London) in collaboration with Lamin Demba (Lecturer in Literature and English at the University of The Gambia) and Lamin O. Ceesay (former teacher and final year Development Studies Undergraduate Student at the University of The Gambia). The discussions will be facilitated by the organisers and/or guests. We are open to discussing articles ready for submission to relevant academic/professional journals. If you would like us to include your article as part of our reading list please email