Reading Group #4

The Language in The Gambia Virtual Reading Group will have its fourth meeting on Tuesday 21 September at 5.30pm Gambian time / 6.30 UK time. We will discuss: Peter, L., Wolf, H.G. and Bobda, A.S., 2003. An account of distinctive phonetic and lexical features of Gambian English. English world-wide24(1), pp.43-61. [download]. “The article discusses the specific features of the English used in The Gambia by looking at the phonetic and lexical markers that distinguish Gambian English from the other national varieties of West African English. The study shows that Gambian English has a number of established and exclusive features owing to the formation of a national norm and the influence of certain indigenous languages, yielding a national quasi-standard easy to identify.” There will be a lot to discuss. The article having been published in 2003, it will be interesting to discuss how we feel Gambian English has evolved since then.

Where: To join the discussion at the scheduled time, use this Zoom link. If you don’t want to sign up to Zoom, click on JOIN MEETING AS AN ATTENDEE or JOIN MEETING, then enter the following details: 891 8865 2789 (personal meeting ID) and 1234 (passcode). You can also participate through our WhatsApp group by sending your phone number to We encourage all members to join our WhatsApp group so they can follow the contributions of our reading group members who will be able to join us via WhatsApp only. If you have technical issues on Zoom please join through WhatsApp. We’ll monitor the WhatsApp group each meeting.

When: Tuesday 21 September @ 5.30pm (Gambian time) / 6.30pm (UK time)

Who: ALL welcome!


This is a suggested line up containing research articles, chapters and dissertations. Recommendations from our group members are always welcome.

We meet the third Tuesday of each month. We will not meet in August and December.

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