Reading Group #5

The Language in The Gambia Virtual Reading Group will have its fifth meeting on Tuesday 19 October @ 5.30pm Gambian time (6.30pm UK time). We will discuss Section 7.2 (p. 143-154) of the following PhD thesis: McGlynn, C., 2013. Language in Education Policy and Practice in Post-Colonial Africa: An ethnographic case-study of The Gambia (Doctoral dissertation, University of East London). [download]. In her PhD thesis, McGlynn highlights that the English only official language in education policy regularly seems to be breached, i.e. she suggest that Gambian languages are used daily in classrooms to support learning. The results she presents in Section 7.2 of her PhD thesis concern the fact that Gambian languages feature differently in urban and rural classrooms. McGlynn suggests that in urban schools Mandinka and Wolof tend to be used in classrooms (‘lingua franca’ system) whereas in rural schools, teachers and children use a greater variety of Gambian languages (‘serial monolingualism’ system).

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When: Tuesday 19 October @ 5.30pm Gambian time (6.30pm UK time).

Who: ALL welcome!


This is a suggested line up containing research articles, chapters and dissertations. Recommendations from our group members are always welcome.

We meet the third Tuesday of each month. We will not meet in August and December.

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