Reading Group #6

The Language in The Gambia Virtual Reading Group will have its sixth and final meeting for this calendar year on Tuesday 16 November @ 6pm Gambian and UK time. We will discuss:

Andrason, A., 2014. A contribution to the Mandinka dialectology–Basse Mandinka versus Standard Gambian Mandinka. Asian and African Studies23(1), pp.110-139. [download].

This article will give us the opportunity to continue to reflect on language in The Gambia, particularly two varieties of Gambian Mandinka (one of several languages indigenous to The Gambia): Standard Gambian Mandinka and Basse Mandinka. Please note that Basse is a region in the east of The Gambia. We are delighted to have a guest speaker, Kitabu Jabang, Chair of OTPLM/the Organisation for Training and Production of Literacy Material. Mr Jabang, with his rich experience in researching the Mandinka language to deliver literacy lessons for adults and children in The Gambia and in developing teaching materials to support the teaching of Mandinka, will share with us his first hand experience of Gambian Mandinka varieties. Mr Jabang is currently working with the University of The Gambia and the Ministry of Agriculture on (re)introducing Gambian language literacy lessons amount university students and farmers in particular.

Where: WE ARE NO LONGER USING ZOOM! To join the discussion at the scheduled time, click on this GOOGLE MEET link.

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When: Tuesday 16 November @ 6pm Gambian and UK time (please note the slight time change)

Who: ALL welcome!


We will resume having our regular reading group meetings in the new year. More from us soon regarding the readings for these meetings.

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