Reading Group #7

The Language in The Gambia Virtual Reading Group is back and will have its seventh meeting Tuesday 7 June 5.00-6.30pm Gambian Time/6.00-7.30pm. We will resume our lively discussions with excerpts from a PhD concerning Gambian English:

Marong, M., Gambian English: syntactic features of a West African variety of the English language/vorgelegt von Melissa Marong (Doctoral dissertation, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz).
Please read the ‘Introduction’ (p7-9), section 6.2.1 on ‘Tense’ (p. 58-59), section 6.2.2 on ‘Aspect and Mood’ (p. 59-62), section 7.2 on ‘Correlation of English Proficiency and the Personal Background’ (p. 79-82). These excerpts will allow us to explore some of the specificities of Gambian English, e.g. substituting the past tense by the present tense, and the different ways in which Gambian English is used in The Gambia, including the possible reasons for these differences (e.g. age? social background? region of origin? etc.).

Meeting link and WhatsApp attendees

We will continue to use GOOGLE MEET. This is the link to join the call: If you’re already using Gmail, Google Photos, YouTube, or another Google product, just sign in to your existing Google Account. If you don’t have a Google Account, you will need to sign up (free). If you’re using your laptop, any browser will work. If you’re using your phone or tablet, you will need to download the Google Meet mobile app from Google Play or Apple Store.

You can also participate through our WhatsApp group by sending your phone number to We encourage all members to join our WhatsApp group so they can follow the contributions of our reading group members who will be able to join us via WhatsApp only. If you have technical issues, please join through WhatsApp. We’ll monitor the WhatsApp group each meeting.


Tuesday 7 June @ 5.00-6.30pm Gambian and UK time


ALL welcome! This is not intended for an academic audience only.

Dates of future meetings

We will meet the first Tuesday of every month until December (we will have a break in August).

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